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Luxurious guided tours

Take your journey to new heights by booking a guided tour! Our guided tours provide the perfect opportunity to discover Norway’s grand landscapes.

With our team of experienced guides leading the way, you’ll explore the captivating terrain of Rogaland, guaranteeing you the ultimate experience.

From discovering hidden gems to visiting iconic landmarks, our guides will share their insights, expertise, and captivating stories, ensuring your adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories as you cycle through the breathtaking landscapes of Norway with us.


Lysebotn: need we say more? Embark on a 5-leg journey into the heart of Norway’s most breathtaking landscapes. Explore the essence of Norwegian beauty like never before.
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Grand Hotell Egersund
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Kronen Gaard Hotell
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The most beautiful Scenery in the World
Aaron S. Lee, Eurosport


Yes, the water in the tap is probably the worlds cleanest water!

At the moment, no. We plan to offer this starting in 2024.

If you need medical assistance, call 113. Within office hours you can reach us at: +47 46 80 01 98

The bikes come equipped with all you wold need:

  • Multi tool
  • Spare tube
  • Mini pump
  • Bottle cages
  • Bottles (if you order)
  • Lock (standard on touring, request it on road bikes).

We offer a variety of different bikes, from Ridley, Hard Rocx and Vipera. Check them out and rent your bike today: Book now

At our offices in Vår Energi Arena Sola. We’re happy to give you one on the house to prove it.

If you are unhappy, tell us and let us help you. If you are happy, tell the world. We strive to deliver the best service for you! Rate us here: Tripadvisor

Trip style

Self guided Standard guided Ultimate guided Hubride
Your schedule, your company! We will provide routes, accommodation, provisions and bikes. Guided round trips with spectacular routes, good food and comfortable accomodations. Our finest guides will take you on a round trip using the areas best hotels and offering the finest local cuisine. Airport pickup. Great cycling adventures, using the same hotel as starting point. Same pillow, new terrain every day.

Rider levels

Rider Level 1Rider Level 2Rider Level 3
  • Confident on rides approximately 2 hours
  • Flat or undulating terrain
  • Flat pedals – clip in pedals not required
  • Modest fitness level
  • Confident on rides approximately 4 hours
  • Slightly hilly and undulating terrain
  • Clip in pedals favored – Flat pedals optional
  • Fitness level average
  • Confident on rides approximately 5 hours or more
  • Hilly and steep terrain – mountain passes
  • Clip in pedals
  • Fitness level above average.


Touring bike electric

Haibike Trekking 11

Enjoy eternal tailwinds with our modern trekking e-bike. Featuring a strong motor, front suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes, this machine will effortlessly take you anywhere with minimal effort.

Haibike Trekking 11

Touring bike

Vipera S6 Pro

This is the bike for riders seeking a comfortable ride. With a fast, rigid frame, it’s equipped with Shimano XT and LX components.


Vipera S6 Pro bike

Road bike exclusive

Fenix SLiC

The Fenix SLiC is the culmination of three generations of endurance bikes, representing a continuous evolution. Featuring fully concealed cables, disc brakes, and 11-speed gearing, it offers a comfortable ride with more aggressive handling compared to our standard option.

  • 11-speed drivetrain
  • 50/34 Crankset
  • 11-32 Cassette
  • Hydraulic disc brake
SLiC bike

Road bike standard

Fenix rim-brake

The Fenix is the quintessential ‘all-round’ bike, striking the perfect balance between performance, weight, strength, stiffness, and especially comfort for those long days in the saddle.

  • 11-speed drivetrain
  • 50/34 Crankset
  • 11-28 Cassette
  • Rim brake