Haute Route Norway 2-4. August 2019

The Haute Route Norway event attracts a lot of riders to Stavanger over a short period of time. To deliver riders an unparalleled professional experience, we have teamed up with FBR for the event. To give you a variety of bike choices, we have picked a selection of their best fitted bikes for the Stavanger stages and will bring them to Norway. Through our partnership with FBR we can provide bikes at the same rate as our other European Haute Route events, with a service charge for an additional day’s rental and to cover the cost of transport from France to Norway.

Trek Emonda SL6Trek Emonda SL6 DiscPinarello Prince DiscTrek Emonda SLR8Pinarello Dogma F10 DiscRidley Fenix C

If you reserve a bike prior to 31st May, we guarantee your choice upon confirmation of availability. We will block the bike once full payment is made. Should you need to cancel your reservation, we will refund 50% of the payment until 31st May. After that there is no refund as we are obliged ourselves to pay for the sub-rental bike from France.

For bookings between 1st June – 25th July, we will do our best to get the bike you choose and will confirm availability prior to any payment. No refund will be made for bookings in this period

Our standard rental package for the Haute Route is four days. This include delivery at the Event Village on the day before stage 1 (at noon), and collection at the end of the last stage. It is a rental only offer and you will have to take care of the bike during event. The rider hotel(s) will provide a safe locker room for the bikes after the stages.

During the booking process you will be asked to enter information on your bike fitting, choice of pedals and various options of wheels and cassette so that your rental experience is as successful as possible. NBR will service the bike and ensure that it is in optimum riding condition. Your responsibility: The bike is rented to you in good faith that you will look after it as if it was your own. We ask that you always store the bike with care and lock it when unattended. When riding your bike we ask that you don’t take any unnecessary risks.

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