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Distance - slider
26 km126 km
Elevation - slider
232 m1082 m
Round trip
Round trip
Round trip
Round trip
A short 25-kilometer ride on well-maintained bike paths and low-traffic roads. Visit Sola Ruin Church and experience the...
27 km
1 h 40 m
232 m
Discover the perfect cycling route from Sola to Undheim, featuring beautiful beaches, cultural gems, captivating street-...
118 km
1 h 40 m
1054 m
A good route choice if you prefer a relatively flat path with well-maintained cycling trails. Along this route, you’ll h...
46 km
1 h 40 m
400 m
The perfect route if you’re seeking a physical challenge while experiencing the diverse landscapes and glances of the be...
65 km
2 h 30 m
831 m