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Ølberg Coffe-ride

A short 25-kilometer ride on well-maintained bike paths and low-traffic roads. Visit Sola Ruin Church and experience the stunning Jæren beaches at Sola and Hellestø.
Created: November 9, 2023
Contributed by:
Vigdel beach
27 km
1 h 40 m
232 m elevation gain
232 m elevation loss
6.5% max grade
-4.8% min grade
99% paved
low traffic
Solas countryside

This round trip takes you on a large circle around Sola Airport. Most of the ride is through the countryside, but it's easy to stop by shops in the town of Sola if you want.

We strongly recommend stopping at Ølberg for a taste of the famously delicious ice cream – or a good cup of coffee before the charming roads of Sola's countryside lead you back to the starting point.